About us

About us
POS Industries Holding GmbH

Our passion is industry. We see ourselves as your Point of Solution.

Being a global group, we see ourselves as a problem solver for industrial customers. Founded by Werner Griesmaier and Harald Rath, POS Industries Holding has exceedingly short paths of decision making, the flexibility and strength of a spin-off, backed by the stability of a holding with 900 employees and an annual revenue of 140 million Euros. Based on our corporate principles of success, teamwork, trust and the joy of following our passion, we combine all relevant specialists with precisely defined tasks and competences under a single roof. We are thus prepared for even the most complex tasks. We guarantee that with our name.

subsidiaries and branches


Annual revenue of
140 million €

Projects in more than
50 countries

Our subsidiaries focus on delivering top performance. In their roles as competence centers for their precisely defined segment, they operate independently and flexibly while remaining a part of our corporate network. We thus utilize synergies for our customers, generate innovative strength and develop long-term competitive advantages for our customers on the global market.