ceATec Engineering

ceATec Engineering

Clean performance

As a general contractor and expert for air cleaning and dust removal, we are able to provide complete solutions for the wood and timber product industry, the iron and steel industry, the chemical industry, the foodstuffs industry, as well as the stone – earth – cement and environment & energy sectors.

We don’t just dream about a clean environment – we make it happen. We are thereby not merely content with what is possible but think beyond that. We focus on getting the most out of tailor-made ventilation and extraction solutions. With lots of experience, innovative spirit and sure instinct, we meet the most diverse requirements. Every project is a one-off, entirely customized and adjusted to our customers’ needs. ceATec is a general contractor who takes an integrated and coherent approach. We are your partner for future-orientated, complete solutions from a single source.

“We love to breathe clean air and are proud of making sure it stays that way. All of our activities are based on highest levels of environmental friendliness. We stand for top quality and productivity and give all to help our customers achieve sustainable success,” says Jürgen Jobst, CEO ceATec GmbH


  • Axial ventilators
  • Explosion relief valve
  • Screw conveyors
  • Impulse filter
  • Press steam suction
  • Radial ventilators
  • Separator systems
  • Rotary feeders
  • Cyclones