SGS Welding Services

SGS Welding Services

Success bonds SGS Welding Services offers excellent welding expertise for even the most complex projects.

When it comes to modern joining technology, we leave nothing to chance. Our fitters’ long-standing experiences with welding jobs in plant and pipeline construction makes SGS Welding Service a leading partner for all kinds of projects.

Our employees know what they are doing. They are not only proficient in the usual joining techniques but are also top experts in TIG welding or ultra-modern orbital welding. When and if needed, they can draw upon our own state-of-the-art tool park and thus guarantee our customers’ full satisfaction as well as the highest possible degree of safety. For our specialists such as orbital welders, manual welders, small pipe layers or ISO pipe fitters are not only technically up to date but also optimally trained in the framework of the Temporary Employment Act. Thus, we offer our customers perfect performance while furthermore guaranteeing the highest possible degree of safety.

“For us, welding is more than just a joining technology. The welding seams’ quality determines the quality of the overall project. SGS Welding therefore offers a well coordinated team offering exceptional competence,” says Otto Falter, CEO SGS Welding GmbH

Our services

  • TIG welding
  • Orbital welding
  • ISO pipe fitting